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Culture vs. Counterculture

(It's about time I posted something!)

When I first got into Paganism, I felt like I had finally found a place I belonged. I felt quite alienated from modern American society, it's consumerism, corruption, etc. I saw myself as bohemian,countercultural. But the problem with counterculture is it's so nebulous- often Neo-pagans, hippies, punks, left-wing activists and other who rebel against society simply define themselves in terms of what they are not, and are so anti-authoritarian they can't organize, so committed to their ideals that they remain in poverty & without power.
In the past several years, as I have moved toward Reconstructionism, I've come to see my spirituality as inseparable from culture. I've been trying to learn the Irish language, and participate more in other culture activities such as dance and music. I'm searching for something authentic- a real alternative to mass-produced corporate media and such.

Anyone else see culture as an important part of their religion?

Some resources:
American Folklife Center

Patterns for traditional folk costumes

Green Man Review- of folk & mythic-influenced music, movies, books.

Dover Publications- has lots of books, craft projects on mythology/folklore, folk costumes, traditional art, cooking etc. Many are quite cheap!
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