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Saturday, January 28th, 2006
10:40 am
Milwaukee Ostara Festival
Saturday, APRIL 1, 2006
HART PARK, Noon to 6pm
With Special Guest - Isaac Bonewits on Sunday evening (tickets for sale now!)

The Milwaukee Pagan Unity Council is holding its fifth annual Ostara Festival this year. MPUC is a local non-profit that hosts the Ostara Festival every year, and is a supporter of Pagan Pride Day. We attempt to build community among all Milwaukee people, and open up opportunities for education about the pagan community as well as events that welcome all walks.

We've had excellent success with our festivals in the past, even though blizzards! Our events are always fun, and support other local non-profits. Last year, we made a huge contribution to the Hunger Task Force, and our blood drive was tremendously successful!

We are in full swing for bringing in vendors, workshops, performers, and more. We have some tarot readers, chair massage, and possibly even reiki practitioners as well as many local vendors from organic coffee companies to Herb stores to new age stores. Performances will include bellydancers, Nia, trancedance, and hopefully more! What are we missing?


We are looking for more people to be involved. Please contact me directly at irondawn@gmail.com to get forms and information, or send me your email address and I'll forward that information. Or if you prefer to have it mailed to you, send me your mailing address (always kept private) and we will send you information in our next mailing. (We never sell personal information.)

We are open to all sorts of vendors if you think your wares will be of interest to the community. We've had past vendors such as booksellers, new age stores, Moonwise Herbs, clothing vendors, henna artists, reiki masters, tarot readers, bellydance costuming, jewlery dealers, local Milwaukee artists(we LOVE to have a taste of Milwaukee!), and much more. If you think the community would be interested, why don't you give it a try?

Last year we had a dancing workshop, an herbal workshop, jewelry making workshop, a broom-making workshop that had a LINE for attendance. Have a skill or information that you think the community would be interested in? Of particular interest is drum rhythm workshops, yoga, or other skills that people can learn to better their lives or gain a new hobby.

We are looking for bands, drummers, musicians, more dancers (currently only Barika Bellydance has confirmed their performance - we'd like a cabaret group or performer too!) How about a different dance style, or other artistic pursuit? If we weren't indoors, I'd hire fire spinners ON THE SPOT (I love you guys!)

If you're just looking to help, then we could definitely use you. Whether it's greeting people at the door, manning a table for an hour, donating a baked good for the bake sale, or just helping set up or take down - we welcome any help!

Just want to come to the event? Please do!

Contact irondawn@gmail.com, or revonatah@yahoo.com for more information on how to be a part of this great event, or just more information about attending.

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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005
3:04 am
Ok, I'm extending this community to include the midwest in general. It would be better if I could change the name, but likely I'll just have to create a new community, this one will remain since several people have joined if I do I'd encourage folks to join it as well.
Recons are so darn few and far between we need some kind of networking going on!
Monday, November 7th, 2005
11:26 pm
Yahoo group?
Should we have a yahoo group instead or in addition to this community? More people use yahoo groups than livejournal.
Hell, do we even need an online group like this one? I was just inspired because people in other areas of the country were creating regional CR or pan-recon lists. But I'm not going to create one unless there is a real need, and I know it will get used.
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
7:35 pm
Uhh, hello?
We now have 6 members. Yoo-hoo anyone out there?
Saturday, October 15th, 2005
9:52 pm
Culture vs. Counterculture
(It's about time I posted something!)

When I first got into Paganism, I felt like I had finally found a place I belonged. I felt quite alienated from modern American society, it's consumerism, corruption, etc. I saw myself as bohemian,countercultural. But the problem with counterculture is it's so nebulous- often Neo-pagans, hippies, punks, left-wing activists and other who rebel against society simply define themselves in terms of what they are not, and are so anti-authoritarian they can't organize, so committed to their ideals that they remain in poverty & without power.
In the past several years, as I have moved toward Reconstructionism, I've come to see my spirituality as inseparable from culture. I've been trying to learn the Irish language, and participate more in other culture activities such as dance and music. I'm searching for something authentic- a real alternative to mass-produced corporate media and such.

Anyone else see culture as an important part of their religion?

Some resources:
American Folklife Center

Patterns for traditional folk costumes

Green Man Review- of folk & mythic-influenced music, movies, books.

Dover Publications- has lots of books, craft projects on mythology/folklore, folk costumes, traditional art, cooking etc. Many are quite cheap!
Saturday, September 24th, 2005
12:57 pm
Hello, folks!
High time I posted something here. Well, hi I'm Mariah aka Elvengeek. I'm a student at Augsburg College, a Celtic Recon, into reading history, mythology, science fiction/fantasy, political activism, art, genealogy.

Today there is a Reconstructionist Gathering going at Eye of Horus.
Every 3rd Saturday
from 3:00 - 5:00 pm at Eye of Horus,
2717 Lyndale Ave So. – Mpls – 55408-1302
for coffee and conversation.

I don't think I'll be going to this one- have to work on a paper.

Welcome and please introduce yourself!
Name, tradition, interests/personality etc.
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